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The Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild Minutes

met at 1:00 on February 21, 2010 at 220 12th St.S.E., Menomonie, WI

Personas needed:

  • water carrier (yolk w/ 2 buckets)walking around grounds
  • bread in the basket or on the traycarriers “”
  • cart w/ the wheel falling off &other tinkers carts…
  • washer women hanging out thelaundry
  • boy leading a goat
  • herb garden w/ garden tenders

Shepherds’ Croft (Bill Gary and Mary Sullivan)

offered a place for Guild cookingin their area

lambs for cooking

Croft needs several boys for dogtraining

Wondered about doing Highland games –Jess, Bear, Mike and Dan thought it would be a great spoof

Dawn Olson – offered to teach Scottish Accent

Cockney Accent can be learned by watching Roy Winston movies

Funding – guild canmake money thru bake/ brat sale

– questions about legality asked – answersforthcoming- Dawn O. will be looking into the non-profit status

-         Archery Booth good money maker

-         Funds  to be used for - possibilities

o  Ending party

o  Actor stipends

o  Trailer/costumes (when the guild gets bigger)

-         Bear suggested fund raising should be done as close to the fair as possible and as close to fair time as possible – Walmart brat sale in full costume with fights and other acts present

-         Gatoraide/emergenC/crystal light/ power aide –packets available to keep street actors hydrated

Meetings –

                90 daysto beginning weekend!

Biweekly meetings starting March 7th2:00 - 5:00 at Crossroads church, moving to the grounds when weatherpermits

                Recruitment meeting one hour prior to March 21stmeeting

Dawn Olson will email recruitment flier to all members who’ve gotten emails to John and Deb.  All members, please make a few copies andpost in your area.

New members need a persona,costume and a willingness to interact with patrons, they may contact John priorto the meeting if they have questions.

Members must be 18 and pass abackground check, or 16 with a parents permission.

Was the theater guild contacted –E.C. and Menomonie??

Dawn O. suggested anyone attendingthe Madrigal Dinner recruit for the fair.

If someone is detracting from thefair, they will be asked to leave by the Guild Board

Volunteers will be asked to bethere for as much of the time as possible, but all or nothing is not in thedeal. Give the time you can.

Admissions Questions:

Jeff Westegard stated the peasants from Shapokpe would like to come and interact with patrons and was wondering ifthey could get free admissions (Questionfor Board)

Dawn Olson was wondering if shecould get tickets or coupons to give to her students that would give thestudents free admission with a paid parent ? Question for Board)

Comments for the Board and Advertising ideas-

We would like the hired court toparticipate in the final guild meeting before the fair so we can all playtogether

TV local news (Madison, Milwaukee,Green Bay, Wausau, Twin Cities) local interest interview (freebie)

                Volume One – (recruitmentadd will be put in  by John) Fair shouldbe in here too


                ThalerOil – Express Mart advertising

Bulletin Boards Statewide and TwinCities – Recruitment fliers will go out this week to all members to post intheir area – fair fliers could go out this way also.

Our fair is not listed in theRenaissance Forum or the Renaissance Magazine, ??

Collaborate with Twig and otherFairs to support each other with advertising – “If you enjoyed our fair, nextweek…” Everybody wins

What about the previews at thecinemas in the area?

Radio teaser commercials should behappening NOW.

The Guild needs to know –

                What’srequired/expected of us from management

                Independentcontract s?


Guild events at the fair – ideas

  •  Insteadof story line, have village gossip planned for the 5 weeks and let everyoneplay with that
  • Mr. DunDouglas pageant
  • TheDating Game

Present at this meeting: Jeff Westeguard, Bill Gary, DebbieRobie, Mary Sullivan, Dawn Olson, Roxie Owens, Casey Ludwig, Dawn Comer, DanZabrowski, Matt Tinberg, Michael Ekenstedt, Jess McCullough, Pete Peterson,Lukas Hoffland, Glynis Weitz, Heather Spehle, Debbie Peters,  John Peters.





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John Mills
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I'll make the meeting on the seventh of March.  We have a professiion pr person working with us and an ad company so let's be very careful about working at cross purposes.  We'll disuss this when I get there.  Love the dia-rama idea.  We'll chip in for food and stuff.  Sort of a scottish incampment.  Shannon, Marlene, Kevin and I just got back from AZ Ren. Faire.  Very successful trip.  Got tons of new artisan leads.  Bill board buy was made last week.

Going up mid March and will continue thru Halloween show in October.  We're doing some tv teasers soon.  No radio scheduled yet but are using Maverick and Clear Channel.  Remember this in the Renaissance (where comedy is King) not Midevil.  Date of village will be Elizabethian.  Have hired Michael Marzella as King.  Google him you will be impressed.  Costumes should not be shades of toast.  We need color!  I have very specific ideas as to what's needed at this years show.  You sketched out most of them in the forum discussions.  Who was talking about roasting a pig.  Great for Guild and dia-rama but not for audience consumption.  Health Dept would kill us with out proper license.  Archery will be in same place.  Has anyone thought of insurance for this?


Wild west show is evolving into a steam punk direction.  Any ideas?  Have you thought of getting involved with Wild West show and Halloween as well?  We're happy to have you all for the just the Ren fest but just sayin' you might like the way the Wild West and Halloween are progressing.

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Dawn M. Olson
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To clarify, the pig roast and other food mentioned is for the guild only, not for public consumption.  I think it is very important for John and the guild to get together to discuss ideas.  Communication is key to the success of the fair and that, ultimately, is what we are all about.


Dawn (Claire Buchannon)

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John Peters
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Yes well, I was the one talking to John about the pig roast and the health department would not be a problem. I have the State Health training(HASEP) and thus know what I am doing. I am kinda wondering John, Does the faire have the proper licenses this time for food? A restaurant license doesn't cut it for this type of event. We can discuss this more when you call me.

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Jess McCullough - Lord Cutlar McCulloch
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John:  I talked to Tim Carter on facebook and he says he is intrigued.  I told him to get ahold of you for info on being the evil lord.

Also, I have the perfect gig to hand out free tickets to UW-Superior students.  Handing out tickets is part of what I do anyway.  Any word on when we'll be getting those?

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John Peters
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No Idea yet Jess. I know they were promised to each guild member as a promo.

I met with John Mills the other day and it went pretty well. The expectations of the guild is to make the village look like a village and have fun with it. The archery booth is tentavely out for us, but we could do a food booth and do something like Cornish Pasties. We will know more at the next meeting.

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Dawn M. Olson
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Why is the archery booth out?



Dawn (Claire Buchannon)

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John Mills
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John I don't have your email address.  I need to send you that press release.  To be clear the archery is not out.  You will simply have competition.  My offer for a mutually agree upon food booth was just an option.  We will kick in for food, pigs, lambs, etc.  By including the interns (20 new program) I will double it.

How many tickets did you say the board promised ea. guild member?

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